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12" VINYL - Just Stay Funky Like That (CNP004)

£14.00 / Sold Out

Just Stay Funky Like That is a skip-proof scratch record full of original sentences, tones and drums.

Side A is set up for ultrapitch turntables capable of -50% pitch, so you can scratch with the platter turning at a slower speed, giving you more control and allowing more sounds to fit into each groove.

Side B is configured at 83.33 BPM which is a good tempo for normal turntables capable of +/- 8% pitch range.

At the end of each side is a drum track and a lock-groove tone.

We have also made Sample map stickers to accompany this release, which are included with the record and can be applied over the label to show exactly where each sample is. Unfortunately there are no sample map sticker sets left in stock at the moment. This vinyl will arrive without the set.

Also available as a digital download from cutandpasterecords.bandcamp

Check this video for a demonstration of the record !