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SKRATCHLORDS - The Game (Playable Gameboy Cartridge)

£20.00 / Sold Out

To Celebrate the 2022 Community Skratch Games, Cut & Paste Records is proud to present


A fully functioning cartridge for the Gameboy console!

Battle your way to The Bierhaus to catch Naive Ted's set at the Community Skratch Games, flinging records and drinking Moojoo Juice along the way.

As a hidden bonus we have made 3 GOLDEN CARTRIDGES in this batch, which have been put at random into the pile! (You can't order a Golden Cartridge, they will go out at random)

Art, graphics programmng and music tracking by Symatic

Level 1 original music by Jimmy Penguin

Endgame original photo by Erik Kubik

Cover photo by Lone Wolf