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7" Lathe cut record - Scratchblast 2- Lewis James/Naive Ted/Famelik

£12.00 / Sold Out

Extremely Limited Edition - 50 units!

20 copies are reserved for purchase at the Community Skratch Games that will go down Easter weekend in Galway. 30 copies for sale from our web shop.

This Scratchblast 7" lathe cut record features 3 tracks from The Scratchblast Album Volume 2 by Lewis James, Naive Ted & Famelik. These three artists will be bringing all ears in attendance at the Community Skratch Games on an epic sound journey, this is 7" slice of what's to come. All funds raised by sales from this 7" will go directly towards supporting bringing artists in to this year's Games. Banging 7" cut by legendary NMCP Studio.

Released March 02 2018
Lathe Cut by NMCP

Art work : Steve Salmon
Mastered by : Jimmy Penguin