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12" VINYL - Oslo Flow - They Done Found The Flow LP (NOZ006)

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12” NOZ006 “Oslo Flow – They Done Found The Flow”

Originally released in 2012, Oslo Flow's first release distills some of the finest elements of the underground skratch scene into 6 tracks of minimal beats, complicated cuts and pristine production.

During a series of recording sessions in London and Oslo (some of which were filmed as part of a documentary) Blam and Plato worked with the UK's leading scratch production team Nozl (Maroon & Lone Wolf) to capture their unique approach to scratch music.

The opening track is a perfect example of minimalistic production that leaves wide open spaces to be decorated with free flowing but precise scratches. All the dirt and grit worn into the samples that are used has been brought into focus and becomes a part of the overall Oslo Flow sound.

The album brings together very different styles of beats and cuts, moulded together into a cohesive album after lots of deliberation and experimentation. Special credit is due to Lone Wolf and Maroon for helping make the project become a reality – another great example of work created and inspired by the extended Community Skratch family.

The title is a reference to a song loved by both members of Oslo Flow – “The Oakland Stroke” by Tower Of Power.

“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creative.” ― Charles Mingus

Side A:
01 – Master Of Scratch
02 – Check It Out
03 – Get On Up

04 – Alfo Theo
05 – Just Uhh
06 - Copernican

Cover art by Tough Wisloff Mastered/Engineered by Lone Wolf & Maroon