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7" VINYL - Manipulate & Thresh - Heavy Karma (NAUSE001)

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7” NAUSE001 “Thresh - Heavy Karma/Strontium Sleazewave”

Originally released back in 2006, Heavy Karma/Strontium Sleazewave marked the beginning of the Nause Corps label, envisaged by one of the UK's overlords of scratching – DJ Manipulate, who set out to establish an underground scratch-music label with a hardcore stance.

The beats were put together using a turntable, and then mixed and engineered by Kris “Thrash” Weston (formerly of The Orb), which is why the record was released under the name Thresh.
The style of the tracks represented a shift in production style for turntable music – moving on from the now stale idea that all scratched music had to obviously demonstrate the fact that it was scratched. These beats speak for themselves without reducing their production style to a gimmick.

The scratched vocals and instruments that are worked over the beats are unique to Manipulate's style: aggressive, sharp, technically advanced yet unpredictable. With over 20 years in the game at the time it was recorded, it is less about showing off skills, and more about how to execute them.

The artwork was then put together by Paul Hazell, who used a drawing of Manipulate's for the cover art, and then designed the Nause Corps logo. This slice of history is now available again via the Cut & Paste Records webshop.

Side A: Heavy Karma

SIDE B: Strontium Sleazewave

Cover art by Manipulate/Paul Hazell Mixed/Engineered by Kris “Thrash” Weston