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LORDCORE 06 - Darcy D, Manipulate & Symatic - Artisan Cortex Plumbing


Extremely Limited Edition - 50 units!

LORDCORE 06 -Artisan Cortex Plumbing- is a series of tracks edited by Symatic from a 2016 session in his studio, the same session where LORDCORE 01 -Serious Business- was born. The recording had Manipulate at the helm with various stacks of ill wax, Darcy D and his charity shop grabs / pre-recorded loops & Symatic with ill flow and a legendary set up! Throw in a howling rooster, a room full of leftover wedding liquor and you have yourself a classic case of Artisan Cortex Plumbing.

Limited edition, hand numbered run of 50 x 7" Lathe-cut records made by NMCP Studio in Russia. Mastered by Jimmy P.