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7" Vinyl - Redmist - Improvise Wisely (CNP011) Lava Red Vinyl / PRE-ORDER SHIPS MAY 21ST


7" CNP011 "Redmist - Improvise Wisely"

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Re-pressed on Lava Red vinyl for 2021, this 7” is ready to erupt after the seismic waves created by Redmist's previous releases: his 12” version of the “Improvise Wisely” scratch tool, and the 12” releases from his band Modusoperandi (“Phonosophy” and “Endless”).

South American producer Redmist's name is synonymous with jazzy scratch loops and heavy basslines within the global scratch scene. As a follow up to his first release with Cut & Paste Records, Redmist's “Improvise Wisely” is now available formatted for 7", including some new lock-groove tones on each side.

Each side has mixture of Redmist's skip-proof vocal samples, as well as guitar, keys, brass, drums and bass, plus new lock grooves, different from the ones found on the 12”, adding to our growing library of lock-tones for pitch play. All samples are arranged at 83.33 BPM to work well with regular speed turntables and portable decks with a regular pitch range. Both the lock tones are played in the same key for ease of use when switching between them.

The drum loops on each side have been re-arranged as a mixture of 2 drum loops from the original record in skipless format. This arrangement allows for new funky drum combos, all in a skipless format.

Arranged by Redmist & Symatic

Side A : 83.33 BPM

Tracks 1-3: Vocal Skipless Samples Title: 7" Improvise Wisely
Tracks 4-6: Guitars
Track 7: Skipless Drums Label Name: Cut & Paste Records
Tracks: 8-9: Bass
Track 10: Tone

Side B : 83.33 BPM

Tracks 1-3: Vocal Skipless Samples
Tracks 4-6: Keys and brass
Track 7: Skipless Drums
Tracks: 8-9: Bass
Track 10: Tone

Cover art by Redmist, Mastered by Daniel Perez