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12" VINYL - Lone Wolf - Three Styles Of Death EP (NOZ003)

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NOZ003 - Lone Wolf, Endophyte & Excision - "Three Styles Of Death"

Lone Wolf's 2nd EP on his own Nozl label, Three Styles Of Death serves up another set of brutally hard dubstep tracks in a cold, metal style.

On Side A is a remix of Excision & Endophyte's track, Marauder, with G-Funk synths squealing over dark drums and gangster lyrics dropping in and out, making way for the inevitable chest-rattling bass.

Side B kicks off with Twistin Style, layering haunting metallic atmospheres over tumbling drum rhythms remeniscent of some of the minimal productions from the likes of Hatcha and SP:MC.
The final track, Zombies plays out like a computer game or a horror film, with ringing snares punching through a wall of terrorizing sounds and a stomping slow rhythm.

The record was cut at Transmission studios, providing the final seal of quality for any dubstep style release, and ensuring maximum sound system pressure!

1. Marauder (Lone Wolf Mix) -05:54
2. Twistin' Style -04:58
3. Zombies -05:40