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7" Lathe cut record - LORDCORE 04 "Panic Can Only Bring On Fear And Defeat EP" Valance Drakes

£12.00 / Sold Out

Extremely Limited Edition - 50 units!

The 4th edition of the LORDCORE series is by the enigmatic underground master of soulful glitch beats Valance Drakes.

Decloaking for just a few fractions of a second to deliver 2 beats, the self-proclaimed "floating cloud putting sounds together" managed to flip our brains backwards in the most pleasant way.

Valance's music has appeared labels like Kaer'uiks, Slang Yourself, Detroit Underground and Amek, and plays out like a book or a painting. There are beats and bass that will ensure your funk-face takes days to fade away (there's no doubting the guy knows how to hit hard in that respect) but it's the sublime depth to the tunes that stays with you and makes you go back and listen again.

Carefully naming his projects with quotes and phrases that set a contemplative tone, Valance creates soundscapes that are all consistantly of his own style - collages of found sounds re-purposed and manipulated either by hand or via a (presumably very broken) soundcard.

The two tracks presented on "Panic Can Only Bring On Fear And Defeat" contain some extremely personal content from Valance, and we are very pleased to be putting them on wax for him.
Having dropped back off-grid, and with rumors of his wherabouts running wild, all we can say is "thanks V, wherever you are!".

VINYL EXLUSIVE - as with other Lordcore releases, we've added exclusive skipless scratch samples to this release, enjoy!