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7" Lathe cut record - LORDCORE 02 "Mato Mato" Oslo Flow

£10.00 / Sold Out

Extremely Limited Edition - 30 units!

Lordcore 02 "Mato Mato" Oslo Flow! is here!

Lordcore is a collaborative series of physical and digital releases from various Skratch Lords affiliates around the world.

Alongside each digital release there is a limited run of 30 lathe-cut 7" singles featuring 2 of the tracks and some skip-proof skratch tools only available on the physical release.

Volume 2 is from the underground legends from Norway - Oslo Flow. With their unique, off-beat and funky style of scratching and unmistakable beats, Blam & Plato have defined their own corner of the scratch universe.
"Mato Mato" is a fast paced upbeat tune with trademark Oslo Flow vocal cuts letting you know these guys are still the dons.

"Zombie Wolf" is an exquisite rarity and ONLY available on the 7". It's the instrumental to a track that for some reason never made onto their album "They Done Found The Flow" from 2012. The cuts on the original are just too damn lethal for consumption by the general public, so we've managed to get the beat for you to get loose over, trust us there is not another beat like it!

Lathe Cut by NMCP
Artwork by Oslo Flow