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7" Lathe cut record - LORDCORE 01 "Serious Business" Manipulate & Symatic

£10.00 / Sold Out

Extremely Limited Edition - 30 units!

Lordcore is a new collaborative series of physical and digital releases from various Skratchlord affiliates around the world.

Alongside each digital release there is a limited run of 30 lathe-cut 7" singles featuring 2 of the tracks and some skip-proof skratch tools only available on the physical release.

The first in the new series features raw freestyle skratching from 2 UK-based heavy hitters Manipulate & Symatic over tracks by Beat Lords from around the globe.

Recorded over 2 sessions in 2016, nothing was planned out or organized in advance.

Physical copies are available via the Cut & Paste Records web shop (link in our profile section)

Released March 6, 2017

Skratched, cut and scraped by Manipulate & Symatic.
Beat from "Moving Forward" by Krayb David (Ireland).
Beat from "Takeover Strategy" by NMCP Studio (Russia).
Beat from "Conference Call" by NMCP Studio (Russia).
Beat from "Deal Breaker" by Mr Henshaw (USA).

Artwork By Manipulate.
Lathe-Cut records cut by NMCP Studio, Russia.