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12" VINYL - Lone Wolf - Rivers Of Shaolin EP (NOZ002)


12” NOZ002 “Lone Wolf – Rivers Of Shaolin”

Before he was famous as a world-class scratcher & beatmaker, Lone Wolf honed his production skills in the early 2000's creating a dark, metallic style of dubstep, full to the brim with the type of wall-of-sound delivery expected from a metal album, delivered with surgical precision.

Side A contains the first deadly track, aptly named The Plague. It opens with a haunting, distant rendition of the Black- Death-Era nursery rhyme “Ring a Ring O' Roses” before crashing down into a brutally harsh dubstep assault, interspersed with break chops and metal guitars.

Side B has 2 tracks, Slayed By Shadows tells the story of clans of kung fu masters defeated in battle, to a guitar-led heavy beat, featuring classic dubstep bass pulses set to skull crushing drums and subs.

Uproot mellows things down a notch, presenting a lesson in dubstyle production amongst classic break chops, reggae samples and deep sub-bass.

The record was cut at Transmission studios, providing the final seal of quality for any dubstep style release, and ensuring maximum sound system pressure!

1. The Plague -04:58
2. Slayed By Shadows -03:54
3. Uproot -05:24