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12" Vinyl - DJ Aladyn x DJ Gruff - Scratch

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12" Vinyl - DJ Aladyn x DJ Gruff - Scratch by Aldebaran Records

Two champions of turntablism meet for unique collaboration in “Scratch”, produced by DJ Aladyn and enriched with DJ Gruff's scratches. Side A features the title track followed by samples from the track to scratch with, Side B features the scratch loops.

“I started working on this piece dedicated to the scratch technique. Then, almost as a joke, I started sampling Gruff's voice from some of his interviews. When I showed him the work he took it very well and decided to actively participate in the creation of the piece " - DJ Aladyn

Side A:
1. "Scratch" (7:45)
2. "Scratch Sounds" (4:18)

Side B:
1. "Skipless Samples" (1:02)
2. "Warp Skipless" (1:02)
3. "Skipless Samples" (1:04)
4. "I Dischi Ammazzi Skipless" (1:02)
5. "Fresh/Ahhh Reverse Skipless" (1:02)
6. "Fresh/Ahhh Skipless" (1:03)
7. "Drums" (1:02)
8. "Vocal Phrases" (6:17)

Limited edition of 300 copies pressed on black vinyl.