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12" Vinyl - Backtrack/CSM - CSM Scratch Vinyl (CSMV002)

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12” CSMV002 – Backtrack and The SKRATCHLORDS - “CSM Skipless Record Volume 1”

A truly community focused release and one of the toughest sounding, hardcore skratch tools released. A staple in any SKRATCHLORDS live show to date, CSM Skipless is a master level show-vinyl and a high quality training tool at the same time.

Filled with classic sounds, mastered for the hardest, crispiest and deadliest audio assaults any skratcher can offer, and all in the raw style of the Community Skratchlords.

This record was originally a crowd-funded project, born out of the collective spirit of the Community Skratch Games – a yearly event held in Galway, Ireland that brings together some of the top level bosses of the international skratch world to battle, inspire each other and collaborate.
Each side has around 12 tracks of skipless skratch sounds – sounds looped up in such a way that it wont matter if the needle skips during heavy skratching or on badly set up equipment.

Side A has the beats configured in a “3 point pattern” which you get when the samples are looped at 99.99 BPM – each sample starts at one of 3 points on the record, making it easy to visualize where the sounds are.
Side B has faster samples, looped up at 116.66 BPM which gives a 7 point pattern and sped up to get more samples per rotation. This side works best on Ultrapitch turntables that can do -50% pitch adjustments.