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12" Dive Reflex Service - ‘Dive Reflex Service 01’


12" Dive Reflex Service - ‘Dive Reflex Service 01’

Straight from Limbo Tapes HQ, "01" has a signature label sound at it's heart, and marks a meaningful milestone in our history as a DIY imprint as our first vinyl release.

The album was crafted in the Dive Reflex Service production facility, somewhere in the depths of Bristol. Found here are bewitching and magical elements, anchored by deep melodic bass lines that propel the listener through 12 rhythmic scenes.

Using a combination of tape saturated improvisations, ritualistic samples and a beautifully chilling vocal appearance from Jamileh Lee, Dive Reflex Service has conjured a meditative, reflective and at times ominous ceremony.

Limited to 300 physical copies for the world. Heavyweight vinyl with full colour artwork. Mastered and cut at Stardelta Audio Mastering.